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4 decades on with over 20 Lakhs Sq. ft. construction and 30 Lakhs Sq. ft. in the making … ‘The Bhansali Group’ has made its mark in the premium real estate business in Pune. Synonymous with lasting structures that embody bold new designs, superior engineering and ethical standards, Bhansali Associates has contributed to the growth of Pune’s skyline while providing affordable and desirable housing to our bank of customers.

Be it residential or commercial projects, our presence is visible in Pune’s most prominent areas, like FC Road, JM Road, Prabhat Road, Law College Road, Apte Road, Ghole Road, Tilak Road, Shastri Road and  Bund Garden, among others.  The Bhansali Group has strived for benchmark quality, timeless values and un-compromising quality which has been recognized and appreciated by customers all over.

Using our immense experience, consolidated and established assets and creative and energetic team – we endeavour to bring to you relevant and up to date constructions that are a source of refuge and comfort for the homeowner.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create functionally efficient, best quality and landmark projects to fulfil the needs of society. Also to ensure that our customers and service providers are delighted to deal with us because of our transparent, proactive, assertive and friendly behaviour with a win-win approach. Also to strive to establish mutually rewarding relationships with our customers and clients and supply systems, products and services that consistently meet the expectations of the customers right from concept to commissioning.

  • The Group strives to beat the deadlines, rather than meeting them through detailed planning, meticulous execution, and optimum technological support with most stringent wastage control of all the resources: Material, Machinery, Manpower as well as Time.
  • To take advantage of the Group’s collective resources – brand, employee expertise, a pool of valued consultants and financial strength.
  • To set high standards for safety, both of our employees as well as the environment
  • To recruit, develop and retain competent employees through training, empowerment, rewards and growth for everyone who is a part of Group.

It’s our mission to design, build and market residential and commercial complexes of international quality. We wish to leave no stone unturned to fulfil the dreams of our customers in India & Overseas.

Be it residence, recreation, office or shopping, we want to be present in every sphere of your life, enriching the way you live. We are committed to achieving new landmarks in property development – not only in India but across the globe.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most respected and widely recognized realtors by delivering value through innovation. And it is this vision that has helped us offer innovative products and services to our customers. This, in turn, has helped build trust with our customers.


Excellence in Service: Customization of documentation such as Agreements, Receipts, Possession letters, Index II. Condominium formation, Maintenance and Property Management. Customization of payments to suit the customer’s needs. Customization of the property that you buy to suit individual needs and preferences.


To be the most dominant and respected real estate developer. And it is this vision that has helped us offer innovative products and services to our customers. This, in turn, has helped build trust with our customers.


Knowing that we are around as a friend, truthful and dependable. Promises are meant to be kept. Always.


Over the years we have built a reputation of trust. This high level of trust has come as a result of adhering to our commitments and promises not only to our customers but also our vendors, contractors, consultants and employees.


Our customers’ needs are met with equal enthusiasm whether they are Sales, Finance, Administration or Construction related. The entire team functions as a seamless unit offering the customer a high level of responsiveness. We believe that transparency fosters trust. This belief incorporated in our work has helped us earn complete trust of our customers.


Our continuous commitment to introduce innovative ideas so as to increase our customers’ delight in owning a property from us.

Our Associates

Today, Bhansali Group is a renowned name in residential & commercial projects known for newer concepts, innovative designs and quality construction

Our long-term association with talented professionals who are intellectuals and have a vision has helped us in forming a strong alliance to achieve success.


Architecture and Landscape and Structural Design Associates

Founded in 1983 by Ar. Prakash Deshmukh and Ar. Shaikh Zuber Rashid, Space Designers are the leading architects in Pune city and we are proud to be associated with them for a number of our past and present projects. They have created landmark projects in Pune like Magarpatta City, Life Republic, Nanded City, Connaught Place, Cybercity and thousands of more projects. With over office 50 staff including over 30 Architects of significant experience on state-of-the-art technology.

Started as a proprietary professional practice by Prof. Y. S. Sane in Pune and formerly known as Y S Sane Associates, JW Consultants LLP today is a well-known name for structural consultancy. Founded on the meticulously selected tenets of professional practice, JW Consultants LLP has created an impressive structure with projects spanning residential, commercial, industrial, retail, institutional, hospitality and healthcare sectors among others. They have the biggest portfolio of projects in Pune.

SBA Architects and Designers have been diligently transforming the landscape architect vista in India for the past 25 years. Inventive, experimental, explorative and unconventional, Shobha Bhopatkar has been at the forefront of the Landscaping movement in India for the past 32 years. With an uncompromising attitude for designing brilliance, Shobha Bhopatkar is and will always be a force to be reckoned with. Her work effortlessly merges the practical technicalities.

ARCHTYPE is an Architecture & Interior Design firm.
ARCHTYPE since its foundation in 1999, have used designs & ideas to enhance living spaces. We have always tried to deliver exceptional designs ideas & concepts to the clients through a blending of Human Needs, Value Additions Technology & Aesthetics. They design private houses, apartments as well as public rooms and hotels complexes followed by project implementation. Value additions through designs features, artefacts and landscape are what we are good at.

More than 20 years of experience in the field of architecture and constructions, we combine science and art to give you exemplary design and structures. Power defines the way we exist and the way we develop living and working spaces. Architects by profession and passion. Endeavor to become one of India’s leading architectural organizations. They offer them professional guidance – RE & POST SUPPORT

G.A. Bhilare Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is primarily a Civil and Structural engineering firm. The Company was founded in 1986. Since then we have accomplished a large volume of work, amounting to over Eleven thousand projects and up to 130 million square feet of built-up area, diverse in nature and size. In this period, we have worked closely with many reputed architectural firms and specialized consultants, Developers, Contractor.

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